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Event videography is a dynamic and exciting profession that allows us to capture the most cherished moments of people’s lives. As a leading event videography company in Toronto, Lena Video has a team of skilled videographers who are passionate about their craft. In this post, we’ll take you behind the scenes to explore a day in the life of a Toronto event videographer and offer a glimpse into the world of capturing weddings, corporate functions, and private events.

Morning: Preparation and Gear Check

The day begins with a thorough review of the event schedule, ensuring we have a clear understanding of the timeline, key moments, and any specific requests from the client. This planning stage is crucial for developing a strategy that allows us to capture the event efficiently and effectively.

Next, we meticulously check and pack our equipment, including cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries, tripods, and lighting. We also ensure that we have backup equipment on hand, as being prepared for any situation is essential in event videography.

Mid-Morning: Venue Arrival and Setup

Arriving at the venue well ahead of the event start time, we scout the location to identify the best angles and camera positions. This process involves considering factors such as lighting, background elements, and potential obstructions. Once we have a clear plan in place, we set up our equipment and perform final checks to ensure everything is ready for filming.

Early Afternoon: Filming the Event

As the event commences, our videographers work seamlessly to capture every important moment. We blend into the background, allowing the guests to fully enjoy the occasion without feeling self-conscious about being on camera. Our team members communicate with each other throughout the event, ensuring we have comprehensive coverage from multiple angles.

During the event, our videographers also adapt to any unexpected changes or challenges that may arise. This flexibility and quick thinking are key to maintaining a smooth filming process and capturing the event in the best possible way.

Late Afternoon: Post-Event Review

Once the event concludes, we carefully review the footage to ensure that we have captured all the essential moments. We also take note of any specific highlights or standout shots that will be valuable during the editing process.

Evening: Backing Up Footage and Cleaning Equipment

The day ends with backing up the footage to multiple storage devices to safeguard against potential data loss. We also take the time to clean and organize our equipment, ensuring it is ready for the next event.


A day in the life of a Toronto event videographer is filled with careful planning, creative problem-solving, and a deep commitment to capturing the unique essence of each event. At Lena Video, our team of skilled videographers is passionate about their craft and dedicated to providing you with stunning, high-quality videos that allow you to relive your most cherished moments for years to come. Trust in our expertise and experience to bring your special event to life on the screen.